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Plumber, Heating Engineer or Gas Engineer are all recognised professions in the Building Services sector that require a high level of training, substantial work based experience and industry recognised qualifications.

The plumbing and heating industry holds many diverse career paths, the potential for good wages and the opportunity for individuals to run their own business. Often many skilled 'trades people' progress onto design, consultancy, teaching, supervisory or management, making the building services industry a career with a future.

What kind of person do you need to be?

  • Do you enjoy working with your hands in a practical manner?
  • Would you prefer to do a job that might be more physically demanding?
  • Are you willing to work in a variety of environments and in all sorts of weather?
  • Are you able to work individually as well as part of a team?
  • Are you interested in acquiring technical skills and achieving recognised qualifications?

It is universally agreed by employers, contractors, trade associations and the vast majority of those within the trade that the best method of entering the industry and achieving recognised qualifications is by means of an Apprenticeship.

Take a look at these videos that show apprentice Plumbers in the workplace and hear them share their experience:


An Apprenticeship is the preferred means of achieving nationally recognised qualifications in the Plumbing and Heating industry. It combines on the job (at work) experience, with off the job (in college) training and enables the learner to 'earn while they learn'. InTAPlumb offer Plumbing and Heating Apprenticeship programs in association with 'JTL', the leading national apprenticeship provider for the Building Services Industry.


These courses are aimed at 16-24 year olds, employed as Apprentices or Trainee Plumbers seeking to gain the industry recognised Plumbing qualifications.
Applicants should be literate, numerate, able to pass the JTL aptitude tests and be fully employed within the Plumbing & Heating industry.


This 'Apprenticeship' in association with JTL is based on the apprentice successfully completing two qualifications.

  • City & Guilds (6189-11) NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing & Heating
  • City & Guilds Functional Skills Level 2
To obtain the 6189 Diploma NVQ L.2: Evidence of competence is achieved by completing 12 Mandatory units which includes:
  • 10 City & Guilds set on-line multi-choice exams
  • A comprehensive task manual of practical assessments.
  • A 'Log' of 'On-site' assessments and activities from the workplace

The off the job training is Part time @ 1 day per week. This program is scheduled over a period of 24 months


This 'Advanced Apprenticeship' in association with JTL is based on the apprentice successfully completing the main qualification units and a set of units from one of the 'fuel option routes'.

  • City & Guilds (6189-31/32/33/34) NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Plumbing & Heating

To obtain the 6189 Diploma NVQ L.3: Evidence of competence is achieved by completing 7 mandatory core units which includes:

  • 6 City & Guilds set on-line multi-choice exams
  • 4 Design assignments
  • A task manual of practical assessments.
  • A 'Log' of 'On-site' assessments and activities from the workplace

and also

  • An Option fuel route of either; Gas or Environmental Technologies which includes a set of 'option route' practical tasks and on-line multi-choice exams

The off the job training is Part time @ 1 day per week. This program is scheduled over a period of 24 months although attendance for the 'off-the job training is normally over a 18 month period.

There are also plenty of opportunities for our learners to acquire 'additional' qualifications at the completion of the 'Advanced Apprenticeship' in order to further their career and register with 'Competence Persons Schemes'.


InTAPlumb offer independent advice and guidance for those seeking an Apprenticeship, employment or further progression in the industry. We have established links with many stakeholders within the training and skills network and some of the best advice and guidance can be found from our recommendations below.

JTL are the leading training provider for the building services industry and specialise in apprenticeships for young people and employers:

InTAPlumb's employment in the Plumbing industry video may help answer some of your questions.

Our Frequently Asked Questions Apprenticeships Factsheet:
FAQ Apprenticeships Factsheet

The Chartered Institute for Plumbing & Heating (CIPHE) website has a careers section with some Frequently Asked Questions:

For independent advice on apprenticeships visit the official government website which also has a vacancy matching service where you can search for current apprenticeships vacancies in your chosen trade or profession.

If you need help with obtaining contact details of employers for job searching, then download our guide on how to obtain industry employers contact details
Careers and Job Search Factsheet


At InTAPlumb we have a proud history of supporting many female apprentice plumbers through their Plumbing apprenticeship and going on to becoming fully qualified. We hope that the stories of some of them can inspire more girls to enter the trade.

Jane Dixon-Halsall was an apprentice Plumber with Pimlico Plumbers in London. See her featured in this City and Guilds magazine article. click here

Lily Clarke was a JTL apprentice plumber and has now been inspired to set up her own gas apprenticeship scheme. See her featured in this News Shopper article on the Learning for Life page - Click here.

Take a look at these JTL videos that show female JTL apprentices in the workplace.

'WATER SAFE' are supporting a campaign to encourage more female Plumbers in the UK

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